DIY your final cake

We’ve delivered more than 1000 cakes using car. Thus we had a wide knowledge how to deliver a cake in good condition from our kitchen to customer delivery address safely. 

Firstly, anything tall should be avoided to prevent from collapse if sudden break. We try our best to drive slowly however, it might other drivers fault which we can’t do anything. 

We’ll dismantle a few props & let our customers to do it. At the end, a perfect cake is the one we all need.

If you need help with photo of the cake as guidance, you can fill in the cake below. You may find the name at packing slip which we attach together with the box.

Rest your cake

Many had experienced the cream cake collapse if been inside the car temperature for period of time. Especially cream made of fresh cream & butter cream. We Cake Delivery Solution Provider prevent that by freezing the cake a bit prior to delivery to maintain its good condition.

This way allows our delivery partner to focus more on delivery & cater more locations. With this method we can reduce more delivery cost & thus appreciate customers to allow the cake to rest at room temperature for about 45min – 1 hour to enjoy as it is. 

If you have further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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