CakePay Cashback

See for Label

See for label ‘Cash Back’ just before the add to cart button. It means that items are available for cash back with stated amount.

The cash back amount will be credited to your CakePay account after the order is completed.

Cash Back & CakePay Wallet

You can treat CakePay like real balance money in your wallet which can be used to pay products from or any outlets. 

Collect cashbacks or topup to enjoy more benefits such as payment discounts. 

Cashback has no expiry, however if your account is deleted/terminated (which never happen) you’ll lose all of your wallet balance.

You can earn cashback too when walk in to outlets, by showing your loyalty ID to our counter staff (for cashback items only).

Below are some examples of how you can use CakePay wallet. 

Click image below to enlarge.

Earn cashback at outlets

Show your ID at counter to earn cashback

Pay at outlets

Pay using wallet balance at outlets.

Use as partial payment

Pay only the rest when purchase online

Send to friends/family

Pay for your beloved ones.

Refund Reason

Please login to see CakePay balance

Topup & pay using CakePay for easier transaction online or offline & enjoy more discount. Your data is encrypted. Learn more.