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Becoming an Agent

Thank you for your interest to become our partner. We value our customers & try our best to provide quality products & services. Firstly, you may read below how you can become a good resellers.

  • We will address you as reselling customers (RC) instead of agents since reselling customers will use our products as their own brand, meaning there is no Ipoh Cakes Logo.
  • RC must actively in social media/whatsapp and have basic online marketing & also own a transport.
  • We will choose RC who meet our criteria & we believe can meet our business target.
  • RC will receive a special prices for all of products & can be sold at ‘Recommended Retail Price’ or any seems reasonable price.
  • Products are limited for items listed for RC.
  • RC must have daily, weekly or monthly target.
  • RC are required to place a minimum items for every order & together with payment for the price of all items as a ‘Confirmed Order’.
  • Items ordered will be pick up by RC from our premise & deliver to end-customer.